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We build mobile applications specifically for the automotive retail industry with a focus on customer retention and dealer loyality


Mobile Marketing

Standing out amongst your competition is becoming increasingly challenging.  A proven answer to this challenge is a mobile application


Customer Retention

Send timily reminders directly to your customers smart phone with a read rate of over 98%, service reminders, coupons, ect.

What We Do


We are more than a Mobile Application development house, we have over a decade of automotive retail experience developing and implimenting CRM, Social CRM solutions on four continents, working directly with OEM's, pretigious dealer groups and software houses.

Social Media Monitoring


Dealerships needing resources to manage thier socail media properties can look no further. We have a program that meets your budget. Facebook, Google +, Twitter, You Tube and 20 more of the most poplular sites.

 Mobile Applications 


Years ago the debate of having Dealer web sites was in queston. Today over 44% of the 4.5 billion mobile users have a smart phones. For pennies a day DealerClickZ can provide a Dealer branded moble application for both Apple and Android platforms

Focus on Results


Managing  Social Media Sites can drain the life out of your sales force. We stay on top of this fast moving technology so you only have to attend to the most critical issues. Watch your sales, CSI and SSI scores climb.

ROI in Social Media?

Watch marketing expert Gary Vanderchuck explain why dealers should think mobile applications. "All auto dealers need to take advantage of mobile applications ability to be used as customer retention tools."

Eugene Gonzales, CTO